Visiting Scientists

Our Center places great value in scientists training scientists. Indeed we believe training to be inextricable from the practice of our science. Our lab training program provides direct scientist-to-scientist training for trainees who want to learn and/or apply a tool (method, technology) to their own science. We provide both short-and-longer-term training .

If you are a scientist seeking in-depth training, typically we ask that you seek to collaborate with one of our scientists, and then visit one of the labs on a longer-term basis (i.e. several months).  Short term visiting scientists typically visit a NCDIR lab for several days or weeks.Additionally, our scientists can provide hands-on training at your home institution for more detailed training and/or collaboration (funding permitting).

The visiting scientist program provides training to scientists in the following three (general) areas:

  • Learn and apply a new instrument or core technology.
  • Assist in testing technologies in the development stage.
  • Apply mature technologies to new scientific or technical challenges in their own research.

Please contact if you would like to know more about the visiting scientist training program.