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This external site is intended as a resource for scientists to assist with the curation of images displaying protein co-purification banding patterns resulting from affinity capture followed by e.g. SDS-PAGE and protein staining. The site accompanies our Nature Methods paper, Rapid, optimized interactomic screening (May 2015).  The site should be particularly useful for labs running large numbers of exploratory affinity capture experiments to easily organize and refer back to results, and for others wishing to navigate such results to benefit from the cumulative exploration of many researchers.

The conditions of each affinity capture experiment curated on the site are linked to the resulting banding pattern so that purifications carried out in different conditions and/or by different researchers can be effectively searched and compared to one another.  See the HOWTO and FAQ for instructions and tips.

The site was created by Sarah Keegan, Zhanna Hakhverdyan, John LaCava and David Fenyo - and is supported and maintained by NCDIR and The Fenyo Lab.