The National Center for Dynamic Interactome Research (NCDIR) is a Biotechnology Resource Center funded by the NIH. The institute was borne from the desire to create and better available technologies, to enable them to decipher the cellular interactome and its complex dynamics.

NCDIR key principal investigators: Top (left) Andrej Sali, (right) Brian Chait; Bottom (left) John Aitchison, (right) Michael Rout.

At its heart, the NCDIR is made from labs spanning the USA: On the east coast, are Prof. Michael Rout and Prof. Brian Chait at the Rockefeller University; on the west coast, at UCSF, is the lab of Prof. Andrej Sali; and in Seattle Prof. John Aitchison, Co-Director of the Center for Global Infectious Disease Research at Seattle Children’s. These four labs form a core collaboration resulting in numerous methodological advancements in the fields of molecular and cellular biology as well as key insights into how various macromolecular assemblies function in health and disease. The NCDIR has helped many groups implement these methods to advance their research when studying numerous biological processes. (See Collaborate & Training).

Our goal in the NCDIR is to continue to develop tools to enable the visualization, isolation, and analysis of macromolecular complexes. We hope that through our methodological advancements, we can reveal the dynamic behavior of biological complexes to better understand biological pathways that govern the functioning of cells, from transcription to protein production to cellular responses. Our aim is to ensure that these discoveries allow an even greater cohort of scientists across the globe to delve deeper into their own scientific endeavors, enabling them to strength and advance their research goals.