Deleteome-Tools, developed by Max Neal, Aitchison Lab (NCDIR), allows users to functionally profile genes in S. cerevisiae, thereby illuminating their cellular roles. The software does this by identifying similarities between entries in a large, publicly available compendium of transcriptomes from single-gene deletion yeast strains. This compendium, known as the Deleteome, contains transcriptomic data for approximately 1,500 deletion strains. To functionally profile a gene of interest, the software compares the systems-level transcriptomic changes caused by deleting that gene to the changes resulting from each individual deletion in the Deleteome. It then ranks each deletion based on how similar its transcriptomic changes were to the gene of interest’s deletion. Using this software, we identified genes that share functional relationships with NUP170, revealing NUP170’s association with genes involved in the critical processes of DNA replication and repair.

Although our primary focus has been on NUP170, our software enables the profiling of any of the approximately 1,500 genes represented in the Deleteome. This capability has the potential to uncover novel roles for genes throughout the yeast genome.