Our Center’s reagents, methods, and software require substantial infrastructure for their development, including instrumentation, computer hardware, and personnel. Much of the value and impact of the Center depends on the use of our methods and tools by the wider community of biomedical researchers. Therefore, it is a main objective of the Center to provide the infrastructure for facile, timely, and productive use of the NCDIR resources by a broad range of researchers. Beyond on-site training, our website is our most important route for disseminating our discoveries to the biomedical community.

Intergrative Modeling Platform (IMP)

The Integrative Modeling Platform (IMP) allows comprehensive structural characterization of biomolecules ranging from small molecules to massive macromolecular complexes. IMP provides an open source C++ and Python toolbox for solving complex modeling problems, and a number of applications for tackling some common problems in a user-friendly way. To learn more about IMP, click here!


The NCDIR is actively optimizing the pipeline for the production of nanobodies, highly interesting naturally occurring antibody variants isolated from Camelids. These 15 kDa antibody fragments are the  topic  of  intense research as a tool for basic and clinical research, diagnostics, and therapeutics. To learn more about nanobodies, click here! is an external site intended as a resource for scientists to assist with the curation of images of SDS-PAGE protein gels displaying protein co-purification banding patterns resulting from affinity capture experiments. To learn more about, click here!