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2401, 2023

Register for the upcoming webinar: Feb 15th 2023 – NCDIR scientists present “Isolation and Characterization of Endogenous Nuclear Pore Complexes”

January 24, 2023|

NCDIR scientist Javier Fernandez Martinez, Ph.D. assisted by Drs. Samson Obado and John LaCava will present an upcoming webinar on the characterization of native protein assemblies hosted by To register and for more info, click here or the image below!

2510, 2022

The NCDIR’s John Aitchison awarded the Lung Association’s coveted COVID-19 Respiratory Virus Research Award

October 25, 2022|

Dr. John Aitchison

The NCDIR’s Dr. John Aitchison has been awarded the Lung Association’s  COVID-19 Respiratory Virus Research Award.

Dr. Aitchison’s  project is geared to further research on the use of inhaled nanobodies to complement current COVID-19 vaccines and drugs to serve critically ill patients, act as a preventative treatment and retain effectiveness new variants of the virus

“Here in Washington, we face continued lung health challenges from COVID-19 every day. This is in addition to our region’s lung health being threatened by poor air quality due to increased wildfire smoke, continued cigarette and e-cigarette use and more. Today, more than 917,000 people in our state are living with chronic lung disease…We are excited for John Aitchison to join the American Lung Association Research Team to help improve lung health here in Washington and across the nation.”  – Season Oltmann, Executive Director of the American Lung Association

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1104, 2022

NCDIR Scientists awarded New York State Biodefense Commercialization Fund

April 11, 2022|

Prof. Michael Rout

Prof. Michael Rout (Rockefeller University) and his co-investigators in the Chait lab and Aitchison Labs are recipients of the New York State Biodefense Commercialization Fund. The Fund is a new initiative started by Gov. Kathy Hochul which aims to support researchers in the development of new technologies to combat infectious disease threats.

To read more about the program recipients including our NCDIR members, click here.

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